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Manufacturing Capability
  • Pre Production: Before mass production of leather items, we indulge in some pre production work, which helps us ascertain production of quality items. In this, visual instructions are prepared so that all operations are performed in sync. Manufacturing problems that may arise are analyzed and solutions for the same are studied. 
  • Quality Control Criteria: We engage in lean manufacturing so as to avoid reworking on projects and bringing out scrap. To improve our process of production, we follow PDCA, which is plan, do, check and act. Final control guide cards are used for controlling products quality. We run Kaizen studies to continuously improve leather items. We have prepared a plan for waste studies to reduce over processing, waiting, overproduction, motion, transportation, material shortage, waiting and inventory. 
  • Training To Employees: Employees are trained for all circumstances. A skill card is given to all employees for knowing their capability. First In First Out policy is followed labelling products in different colors. Hourly production is maintained by our supervisors. 
  • Cutting: We have advanced facilities for Laser Cutting, Multilayer Cutting and Precise Cutting of Laminated Materials
  • Assembly: We indulge in edge folding and painting. We have different types of stitching machines (Flat, Zig Zag, Strobel , AMS) and Hot Melt Lamination Without Stitching Technology. We also bank upon our advanced Welding and High Frequency Machine.
  • Designing: Latest embroidery and PED printing machines are used. Wrapping of products is done with PVC, PU Fabric and other materials for quality retaining. 

Quality System

Quality Assurance 
All standard measures are followed for producing Ladies Leather Hand Bag, Pure Leather Backpack, Mens Leather Wallet, etc. Code of Conduct of EICC is followed along with SA8000 (Social Accountability) for maintaining highest standards in leather items. 

Corrective & Preventive Actions
Customers complaints are resolved in perfect manner possible. An 8D report that is Root Cause Analysis Report is maintained for non-conformities during internal audits.

Supplier Chain Management
We rate suppliers on a monthly basis based on their pricing structure, monthly performance, implementation of correct quality system and similar factors. 

Design and Innovation
Conceptual drawings are made by incorporating customers images with modern designs and technologies. A review of every design is taken from the heads considering material selection, functionality, aesthetics and other factors. During the designing process, DFMEA is done. Creative thinking is one of the vital parts of our designing and innovation. 

Laboratory & Testing
A full-fledged laboratory has been set up and installed with Leather Flexing Tester, Rub Fastness Tester, Salt Spray Tester, etc., at our production house for testing of raw materials and finished leather produce. As per lab test reports, decisions are taken to serve excellent quality Ladies Leather Hand Bag, Mens Leather Wallet, Pure Leather Backpack, and allied items. At our lab, a large number of tests are performed, which are not limited to:
  • Adhesion Strength Control
  • Corrosion Test
  • Cursor Lock Resistance
  • Dimension and Color Change of Textile Material
  • Drop Wear (Aging) Test
  • Elongation Test
  • Finish Adhesion Test
  • Holding Strength of Accessories
  • In Case Wear Test (Abrasion Test of Internal Lining)
  • Rub Fastness Test
  • Shrinkage Test
  • Stitch Tear Strength Test
  • Tear Strength Test
  • Tensile Strength
  • Wrist & Neck Strap Pull Out Strength Test
  • Zipper Tooth Resistance

All major tests such as Restricted Substances Tests, RoHS Tests and Toxic Elements Analysis on Packaging Materials Tests are outsourced.